My First Night in a ShareHouse

My First Night in a ShareHouse

by Jesse Daniel 

Who am I?

My name is Jesse Daniel. I was born January 17th 1990 in Perth, Western Australia and had lived there before moving to Japan in October of 2015.

Why did I come to Japan?

Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? I originally came to Japan for a relationship. However as sometimes happens with relationships it didn’t last, and so there I was, in Japan on my own, deciding “Do I go home now?” or “Do I roll the dice and stay?” as you can guess by me talking to you now, I chose the latter.

Why did I want to spend a night at English Sharehouse 180 Sako?

The simple answer:

I wanted a firsthand experience of what it is like to live in one of Sharehouse 180’s houses.

The long answer:

I work for JCM-Ltd, an apartment rental company that provides creatively designed fully furnished apartments in the Nakamura-Koen area. A few months ago, Sharehouse 180 approached us with an offer to collaborate on some work which we thought was to excellent an opportunity to let slip by. As I was to be involved in a lot of the collaboration work and website writing it occurred to me, how could I be completely honest in my writing about Sharehouse 180 without experiencing it for myself? How could I answer questions and queries without knowing the answers? I couldn’t, and that’s how I came to the realisation that I would need to spend a night there!

View from the balcony of ShareHouse 180 Sako
View from the balcony of ShareHouse 180 Sako

So let me start by explaining the Area:

I will be perfectly honest with you guys; going on my previous knowledge of the area I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything positive to give you. How wrong was I, this area is GREAT!

So many things compliment this area but here’s my top two:

1. I was pleasantly surprised by The Yoshizuya Mall and I will tell you why, in Japan Aeon are considered the biggest players when it comes to malls that offer the most to consumers. The Yoshizuya Mall however offers as much as one would need at an arm’s length. The most notable mentions would be as follows:

– Sports Store

– Bakery

– Various Department Stores

– Bike Shop

– Japanese Supermarket

– Pharmacy

– Liquor Store

– Food Court

– International Supermarket (for those things you might not be able to find in the Japanese one)

– 100 Yen store (a shop which offers every product at 100 yen) would have to be my personal highlight as I am visiting my local one at least twice a week, after visiting it once you’ll know why!

2. Being one stop from Nagoya station, Sako Station is operated by the Meitetsu Train Company and offers connections to both Gifu and Inuyama. Although it was the 8 to 10 minute walk from the apartment to the station that impressed me the most, on my test walk to the station the amount of food and drink options I passed are enough to satisfy the fussiest of eaters. Sukiya, Yoshinoya, Izakayas, Ramen shops, Yakitori, Coffee shops, Convenience stores, Supermarkets, and Fast foods it’s all there! Something that did catch my eye not just my stomach though, was the Toyota museum; the museum was established in June 1994, and displays the history of Toyota from textile looms to gradually moving into the history of their cars. Unfortunately due to the time of evening I was unable to visit.

Myself and Chris
Myself and Chris

So now The House:

Arriving at 3pm, I entered the house to the smiling face of Chris, one of the six tenants that reside at Sharehouse 180 Sako. Chris is 29 years old and hails from Chicago, U.S.A.  Having spent the last few years working and living in New York as a programmer, Chris made the decision to take some time away from The Big Apple and hop on over to Japan. I spent the next two hours picking Chris’s brain on all the pros and cons of living at Sharehouse 180 Sako and found it somewhat difficult to get any cons from him. Sitting there and listening to Chris’s 8 week experience so far, the two words I heard repeated the most were “Relaxed & Chilled”.

Until around 7pm my time was spent mostly at the dining table working on some writing and getting to know Chris a bit more as the five other housemates were still out and about. Between 7 and 7:30, I briefly had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting two of Sako’s other housemates as they came home quickly to change, “nice to meet you” and smiles were pleasantly exchanged before they departed again. As 7:30 rolled on, Chris politely offered to take me out for dinner, our dinner of choice? Yakitori & Ramen (Delicious).

Getting back from dinner at around 9:30 I once again entered the house but this time to a much more lively common area than I had entered into at 3pm. It was buzzing with housemates, some making dinner in the kitchen, some sitting and eating at the dining table, and others going about their nightly routines. After the introductions and greetings were exchanged I once again set myself down at the dining table, and over the next 3 hours as I sat, listened, and immersed myself in this communal area filled with friendly people from different backgrounds, areas, interests and at different stages in their lives; The question that I had been asked a million times before was answered.


How normal is it living in a Sharehouse with complete strangers?


My answer to that.


To each other, they’re not strangers anymore, they’re friends.


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