Creativity led. Difference strived. Execution initiated. Risks experimented. 


Our community focused apartment service is just one of our projects showcasing a cross-cultural approach to the Japanese business style property industry.


Our international team share the common experience of living abroad and understand the challenges and opportunities associated with settling into a new, exciting and sometimes unfamiliar environment. This collective experience inspires and fuels our mission to spread our ‘Live Easy’ ethos.


We individually handpick all our furniture from a local network of design and craft stores to complement our unique serviced apartments. We provide all our guests with the friendly face of a team member to meet you at the closest station, explain the local area and guide you to your apartment.


We believe that the best homes are crafted with attention to detail, and the best communities are built with creativity and love.

Headquartered in the heart of Japan, JCM is a Nagoya-based business consultancy with an International English speaking team that share a passion for bridging the local and global.


Originally founded by our CEO and a current business consultant Toshimasa Kimura, JCM was started to utilize the heritages left to him by his family. For the last 30 years JCM has built up a network of consultancy, accounting and financial key players. Now partnered alongside London-born branding agency SPON, we act as your partner injecting an international viewpoint within the development of business expansion and global communication that stays true to your business authenticity.


Also, as parts of our CSV (Creating Shared Value) initiatives, we launched ABC – Arts Bridge Cities in 2016. This curatorial project is formed with its mission to explore and share powers of creatives and potential of cross-cultural collaboration. This enlarges our international network of creatives and allows us to forge new ways of community engagement and area revitalisation.


Our fun part is how we could cultivate international community and reshape Japan’s business world for good, and we love seeing the fruits of our imagination come to life and make things happen, which invariably makes for a happy client and the better world.

CEO – Toshimasa Kimura
Promotion & Marketing – Derek Addo
Director – Soichiro Kimura
Account Manager – Yaeko Yamamoto