2018年2月 木村宗一郎が社長に就任。今後も小さな名古屋の会社から、グローバルなネットワークを活かし、お客様にご満足いただけるソリューションを生み出し続けていきます。

Initiated in 1984, JCM is a Nagoya-based business consultancy with an International English speaking team that share a passion for bridging the local and global.

Now in 2018, we provide design and branding services to corporate clientele who's aims are to expand at a global level.

We wish to make Nagoya, our home city comfortable for those who are visiting Japan. We provide residence services and fully furnished apartments. We individually handpick all our furniture from a local network of design and craft stores to complement our unique serviced apartments.

Our international team share a common experience of living abroad and understand the challenges and opportunities associated with settling into a new, exciting and sometimes unfamiliar environments. This collective experience inspires and fuels our mission to bridge local and global culture.

会社名 株式会社ジェー・シー・エム
代表者 木村 宗一郎
所在地 名古屋市中村区豊国通1-2 中央ビル4階
電話番号 052 461 4958
設立 1984年
事業内容 コンサルタント業・不動産管理業
取引銀行 三菱東京UFJ銀行