Creative Solutions


Here at JCM we offer a wide range of creative services to suit your demands. From full website design and implementation to creative company identity. 

Here in our company we have a wide range of in house skilled workers from coding to photography. We also work closely with language and have foreign employees to ensure your website is region friendly and can attract a world wide audience. 

For more information or to organise a consultation please feel free to contact us.

– Website / Visual Design-

We offer complete website design and can make a modern, efficient website to suit your needs. We also offer full creative content for your website or other systems such as photography, logo/branding and media to keep it original and unique to your identity.


– Events and Planning –

We are experienced in holding events such as performances and award ceremonies and have held events around the world. We can also help with finding space or renting areas for a gallery or exhibition.

– Branding Support –

Branding is not about new logos, cooler websites and good-looking photos.  It is to make your business vision more potential to your audiences and also to strengthen your vision.  Our global team with world-wide network support are here to meet your needs.

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