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At the heart of our service is making life easier for our tenants so we decided to work foreign creatives living in Nagoya to share their tips. Check out our ‘Guide to Easy Living’ below for recommendations on favourite local businesses, area guides for the explorers and updates about our community collaboration projects

Written by locals for locals.


My First Night in a ShareHouse

Why did I want to spend a night at English Sharehouse 180 Sako? The simple answer: I wanted a firsthand experience of what it is like to live in one...


Guide to Easy Living 04: Grocery Shopping

Bring your own bags. Some grocery stores charge for plastic takeaway bags, and those that don’t allot them sparingly. You’ll notice that locals shop with their own bags in tow...


Guide to Easy Living 02: The Basics

Living in a new country presents many unforeseen challenges; it’s like being a child all over again, and having to re-learn the basics of daily living. From properly disposing of...


Guide to Easy Living 01: The Nakamura Koen

Nakamura Koen, or Nakamura Park, is a pleasant, shaded area with large trees, shrines and a central turtle pond. It’s located just a few blocks past the large red torii...

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