English Share 180° Kanayama was designed around the concept of studying language peacefully and naturally. It is a shared house where individuals from many different walks of life can experience a connection between the local and global. Whether you’re someone from a country outside of Japan who is interested in living and hanging out with Japanese people or a Japanese person wanting to make friends and learn English, this shared house gives you the opportunity to enjoy a foreign language learning and cross-cultural exchange experience!


How about making some Japanese friends while living in a shared house where you can learn the Japanese language, tradition and customs?

Monthly Rent

Our affordable monthly rent prices are between ¥55,000 – ¥68,000 (depending on the room) which includes all utility bills (Electricity, Gas, Water, and Internet). We also simplify the costs by eliminating the need for a guarantor, key money and transaction fees. Deposit is required and is the equivalent of one month’s rent.  Both male, female, short term and long term tenants are welcome.

Quiet yet Conveniently Located

Share House 180 Kanayama is located just outside of central Nagoya with Kanayama station being only a 10 minute walk and Otobashi station being a 7 minute walk. Kanayama station is one of the most accessible transport hubs in the central Nagoya area, it’s only 5 minutes from Nagoya Station and provides connections to the Nagoya Subway (Meijo line), Meitetsu train lines, JR train lines, and a bus terminal.  Situated around Kanayama station you can enjoy a range of Cafes, Restaurants, Retail stores, Pubs, Bars, Clubs and Supermarkets.

Some requests we often hear:

“I want to study Japanese but can’t put it into action.”

“I want to improve my Japanese skills.”

“I want to meet with foreigners.”

“I tried studying Japanese once but it didn’t last.”

“I can’t continue studying if it is not enjoyable.”

“It is not worth it if I don’t have the opportunity to use my skills.”


Many have failed, though they had the thirst to learn…


At English Share 180° Kanayama, you will be able to live amongst Japanese and non-Japanese housemates. Surrounding your life with Japanese on a daily basis helps you to learn the language in a fun and natural way.

Your Room / Your Place

Your room is furnished and designed with simplicity and maximisation of space in mind so that you are free to use your space in your own unique way.

Included are Bed (Bedding not included, but can be included for a fee) / Work Desk (Subject to availability) / Wooden Floors / Air Conditioning.  .


Your place (communal spaces) was styled with the focus being on community living, shared and interactive communication and convenience.

– Communal area 1st floor.  The living on the 1st floor was designed with an open restaurant theme in mind. Enjoy this space whilst, Learning to cook with your housemates / Exchanging recipes / Greeting and Farewelling your housemates / Enjoying meals while communicating in English/Japanese .

-Communal area 2nd floor. On the second floor you and your house mates can enjoy a theatre like experience with a state of the art projector and entertainment system.  Feel free to use this space for Party Planning / Language Exchange / Board Games / Social Time.

-The kitchen is fully equipped with Fridge / Freezer / Oven / Microwave / Toaster / Electric Stove / Rice Cookers / Sinks / Cooking Utensils / Cutlery / Bench Space / Food Preparation Areas / Storage Space / Kettle / Plates and Bowls / Eating Areas.

-The bathrooms include Shower Rooms / Sinks / Mirrors / Toilets / Washing Machines.

-Outside/Rooftop includes table and chair settings and space for drying your laundry.

-Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.

-Common areas including the kitchen and bathing areas are cleaned once a week by professional cleaners.

Highlights of Share House 180° Kanayama

-Tenants can choose a theme and prepare a 1 minute speech. We call it “Japanese Presentation.”

-Learn new recipes with “Cooking in Japanese.”

-Invite foreign friends and learn about new countries and cultures!

-Fun events await you, such as, cherry-blossom viewing, washed down noodles, BBQ’s, Halloween parties, Christmas parties and many more!

*Participation is free and you can propose your own ideas for the events. Think of this share house as your second family!

*The concept and themes are still work in progress and might change.

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