Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

Aichi prefectural ceramic museum is a large area located on the edge of Seto city, to the east of Nagoya.

Aichi is particularly famous for areas that have a rich history in ceramics such as Sanage, Seto, Atsumi and Tokoname.

A collection of buildings in this area house a huge amount of ceramics from all around the world, dating as far back as 4500BC. The museum holds five special events per year, taking place in the main building.

Several other buildings surround the area with different purposes and themes including a traditional tea house, “Tosui-an” where you can choose a particular style of pottery to drink matcha tea from.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating highlights of the area is the remaining kiln sites that date back to different periods of history in Japan. Now preserved, these ruins show us an interesting look at how pottery was made in the past…

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Words and photos by Stefan Bingham.