Furnished Apartment. All inclusive.

A community-focused boutique apartment rental service in Nakamurakoen area, west side of the city Nagoya – we ideate the ‘Live like a local‘ philosophy and our spaces provide a home-away-from-home for education professionals, students, creatives and travellers from around the world. For easy living, we make the process easy by eliminating key money, guarantors and realtor fees from the equation, plus all utilities are included in our reasonable weekly/monthly rental rates.

Fully Furnished

Each one of our apartments comes fully furnished to make your move to Nagoya as stress-free as possible. You can immediately begin relaxing in your new space, which has been furnished using the power of design and creativity. Complete with bedding, sitting areas, and a fully equipped kitchen and laundry there is no need to ship your day-to-day items from across the world or spend hours shopping for the necessities – we’re ready for you.

Fees Included

No key money or guarantor is required when renting an apartment with JCM, making it the simplest and easiest way to relocate to Nagoya. Our international team members from Japan, Britain and Australia are willing to help you through the application process and will remain at your disposal to make living in Nagoya an easy and stress free experience. Our monthly rental prices start from ¥70,000 which includes all utility bills and Wi-Fi.

Simplified Lifestyle

Our apartments are suitable for anyone who values comfort and convenience. With our central location, all of our apartments are within walking distance of bus and subway stations. Our leases are very flexible so whether you are looking for long or short term accommodation JCM can provide you with an affordable, convenient, and creative space to spend your time.

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