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Grocery Shopping

Know before you go:

Bring your own bags

Some grocery stores charge for plastic takeaway bags, and those that don’t allot them sparingly. You’ll notice that locals shop with their own bags in tow.


Carry Yen

Note that some grocery stores do not accept credit cards. Have a backup plan, and carry Yen just in case.


Size matters

In-apartment refrigerators tend to run small in Japan, so shop accordingly. You’ll find that most locals shop every day, or every couple of days, to benefit from peak freshness and to prevent limited storage from overcrowding.


Spoiler alert

Fewer preservatives are used in Japan as compared to other countries. This means that foods tend to spoil at a faster rate, so only buy what you plan to eat for the next couple of days. Be sure to check dates on packaged food items to minimise waste.

Store locations around Nakamura Koen:

Aoki Supermarket (アオキスーパー)

Yen only

Convenient grocery store in the heart of Nakamura Koen with produce, meat and seafood sections. Decent selection of beer, sake and alcohol. Some international items available. Medium-sized deli serving hot and cold items, including sushi.



1-1 Torii Nishi Dori, Nakamuraku, Nagoya, Aichi



Piaggo (ピアゴ)

Accepts credit cards

Multi-level grocery and kitchen supply store located about 20-minutes walking from Nakamura Koen. The prepared foods section here spans the entire rear of the store, where you can score everything from marinated meats to seafood salads; sushi; tempura; dry goods; and more international items than the previous listing.



27 Omon Cho, Nakmuraku, Nagoya



Family Mart (ファミリーマート)

Accepts credit cards

Convenient store located on just about every block in Japan, carrying odds and ends items like snack foods; a modest selection of hot and cold deli items; adult beverages; etc. There is also a copy machine and photo booth for your immigration paperwork needs, and, once you’re a resident of Japan, you can pay your monthly health insurance bill here.



1-2 Toyokuni Dori, Nakamuraku, Nagoya



Futamura Yakkyoku (フタムラ薬局)

Accepts credit cards

Corner store with a modest selection of over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and supplements. In addition to medicine, this shop also carries items like laundry detergent, fabric softener, and household cleaners. There is also a small selection of bath products, such as shampoos and conditioners; lotions; sunscreen; and makeup items.



1-3 Toyokuni Dori, Nakamuraku, Nagoya



Daiso (ダイソー)

Most items at Daiso only cost 100 Yen, while the cream of the crop can range from 300-500 Yen. Shop here for snack food items, spices and beverages at a discounted rate, plus home-wares such as cooking appliances and cleaning supplies. Random odds and ends also include incense, small plants, and stationary.



9-19 Taiko Dori, Nakamuraku, Nagoya

名古屋市中村区太閤通 9-19


Written By:

Amy T. Granite
Ex-Nagoya explorer and now San Diego-based journalist and foodie. Check out more of Amy’s work on her blog here: