Hyakka Hyakuso

The cultural path, Hyakka Hyakuso is located near Shumokukan and is part of a collection of historical sites in the area. The name means 100 flowers of culture and is a garden from the Taisho period roughly around 1920.

The main building has been restored to a modern function hall in 2007 and can be rented out for a number of uses. But the main appeal here is the seasonal garden. Small but very detailed, every square foot of this garden is brimming with diversity and nature! Butterflies and other insects brim around the many flowers on display.

There is also a traditional Japanese garden in the front with old tatami tea rooms on display.

Although small, Hyakka Hyakuso is a hidden little place to relax and reflect in a busy city.

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Words and photos by Stefan Bingham.