Nakamura Koen – Summer Edition!

Embrace! Summer has come!

Summer here in Nagoya gets really hot! Some may love it, others may hate it. Last year was a record high and temperatures reached as much as 45 degrees!

Nakamura Koen is the area where we call home. A relaxed district located West of Nagoya.

7 mins / 4 stops away from Nagoya station on the Higashiyama subway line sits Nakamura Koen subway and bus terminal.

The name ‘Koen’ in Japanese means ‘park’ and therefore the station literally means ‘Nakamura Park’ – a nearby pleasant, shaded area with large trees, shrines and a central pond. It’s located just a few blocks north of the giant red torii gate in the central shopping district of town. Just 5 minutes walking and you’ll approach the park’s entrance, where you can walk around its grounds, observing gardens and relaxing to the tranquil sound of flowing water, birds and children playing. This peaceful park is an excellent place for a picnic or just to sit and read a book.

Within Nakamura Koen is a shrine dedicated to the shogun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A very famous man who rose from a farmer, to become ruler of all Japan.

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Words and photos by Stefan Bingham.