Nittaiji Temple

Nitaiji temple is a rather unique Buddhist site that does not belong to one sect of Buddhism. Instead it represents all sects.
The temple was built in 1904 in agreement with all nineteen sects of buddhism.

The temple is a symbol of the friendship between Thailand and Japan. Although it was originally called ‘Nissenji’ due to the Thailand being called ‘Siam’, the name was later changed to Nittaiji.

The temple is a rather large and impressive site with a huge prayer hall and a large pagoda as well as other sites, with a fusion of Japanese and Thai architecture as well as a statue of king Chulalongkon who helped initiate the building of the site.

The temple can be found a five minute walk from Kakuozan station on the Higashiyama subway line.

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Words and photos by Stefan Bingham.