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Recycling and Trash disposal in Nagoya.

Knowing how to dispose of your trash and recycling in Japan can be confusing and very difficult to understand. It’s very different to other countries and very strict and doing it wrong can result in fines.

This is a guide how to sort your trash in Nakamura Koen and if you follow it you should be fine, but please contact us if you have any questions or are not sure and bare in mind that its different in each ward and city.

Know your colour!

The first thing to know is what colour bags you need to use. They are as follows;

RED – The most common bag and used for all burnable waste.

BLUE – Used for almost all recycling, including plastic bottles, tin cans and glasses.

GREEN – Used for non burnable items that are non-recycling. Such as electrics etc.

Know your day!

Trash and recycling is only taken on certain days in the morning. Burnable trash normally twice a week and recycling once a week. Please refer to your guide which should be on or around the apartment building for which day your collection is.

Know your location!

Trash and recycling is often picked up at different areas! Please bare this in mind and do your research as to where the correct trash goes. Burnable trash is usually close to the apartment in many cases right outside. But recycling is often a short distance away.

Know how to arrange your recycling!

So now you know recycling is put into a blue bag you need to know that not all recycling is the same and needs to be separated into different blue bags. Also note that any tins, bottles and so on need to be cleaned and empty before disposing. So any of the following can be put in a blue bag but must be separated as such;

  • Aluminium cans, and food tins (Tuna cans, coke cans etc)
  • PET Bottles (All plastic drink bottles)
  • All other plastics (Food packaging, bottle lids, used plastic bags etc)
  • Glass (All clear and coloured glass without lids)

Click HERE to see a more detailed description from the official Nagoya city website.


Our Apartment buildings trash days are as follows;

ToyokuniTuesday and Friday (Burnable) – Friday (Recycling
Green bag is every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

NagaosaTuesday and Friday (Burnable) – Monday (Recycling)
Green bag is every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Kimura – Tuesday and Friday (Burnable) – Friday (Recycling)
Green bag is every 2nd Wednesday of the month.


We hope this helps and if you have any further questions please contact us.