Suemori Castle

Suemori Castle is located in the east of Nagoya and is more of a historical site than a ‘castle’. It does however have an interesting history and there are some other things to see in this unique little corner of the city.

The castle site is famous for a battle in which Oda Nobunaga, the infamous warlord killed his brother and took over the castle.
Now the castle itself is gone but the grounds and surroundings still exist with some forest and interesting landmarks around.

The most notable site is a Shinto shrine in the centre of the forest with a beautiful large ceremonial hall.

The site also contains a rather large European styled building that looks like it could have come straight out of Harry Potter.

To reach this unique site take the Higashiyama subway line to Motoyama and walk for about 5 minutes.


Words and photos by Stefan Bingham.